How to Impress Your Professor?

Teachers always start their day early. They need to cope with hundreds of students in a day. It takes a lot of patience to ensure that they attend to the maximum number of doubts of the students during a class. Therefore, if you act respectfully towards your professor, pay attention in class, and responsibly follow the general code of conduct inside a classroom, it makes the job much easier for your professor. As a result, you will build a good impression in your teacher’s eyes. Furthermore, once the first impression is good, the class instructor will you more attention and additional support, to spend your college years smoothly. Therefore, the first day you will be walking through the college hallway, or even if you are a few months away from entering your college life, then see these best practices to know how to impress your professor.

How to Impress Your Professor on the First Day of College?

Build a Positive Impression on the First Day

A regular day in a college professor’s life begins earlier. He needs to attend several classes starting from freshers, intermediate and those who have appeared for the final years. Your teacher has to handle hundreds of students who approach him with the same doubts and queries. Sometimes, he even needs to repeat the same queries again and again. The best way to leave a good impression in your professor’s eyes is to stay attentive in the classroom. Your presence of mind will catch the concept right away and save your professor’s efforts from repeating it.

Do not Leave Doubts in Mind

Your professor has the pressure to cover rigid syllabuses before the day of your exam approaches. Sometimes, if you cannot relate between points that your teacher explains, make sure that you ask for clarification. Ignoring such doubts may result in not understanding the fundamentals of the entire lesson. Keeping your performance up will result in good academic merit and a healthy relationship with the faculty.

Interact with your professor

  • Helping hand– A professor always favours a responsible student who makes his job easier by maintaining a proper code in class and taking the initiative in stretching a helping hand when required. For example, repeating a point after your teacher to a student who needed help understanding in simpler words.
  • Praise what he does for you and the class– The life of a teacher is not easy. Your professor starts his routine, probably planning and recalling what he has to cover today, and remains quite stressed till the end of the day. However, this stress had begun in his life before entering the teaching profession. Sleepless nights, staying consistent with one’s aspirations, till the day he secured a distinction score in his master’s degree. Therefore it can really bring a glimpse of a smile on their face if you bring up the topic about this by simply showing your interest.

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