Definition Essay Guide for Students: How to Write this Essay Assignment?

What does definition essay mean?

The student must write a traditional and academic explanation of one particular word. A definition essay assignment can be comparatively trickier than other essays. The essay is ideally lengthy, and the student has to focus on balancing a personal yet academic depiction through his writing. Thus, the English writing skills of a student is highly challenged while writing this kind of essay.

 This essay is further divided into two categories:

Easy Definition Essay

If the student is in doubt about choosing a word to write the essay, then he can simply choose a simple word that can be extended to an elaborate explanation. For example, King, soldier, Hero, Savior, Father, etc. Choosing these kinds of words to write your essay can help you with citations, as the sources are easily accessible from literature books and contexts.

Extended Definition Essay Topics

In this type of writing definition, a student can choose a word which he can elaborately discuss. When a student has been assigned an essay to write under this instruction, he must choose a word which is not bound to just one meaning or perspective. This will create a hurdle to elaborating the essay. You have to choose a topic through which you can highlight and define from different perspectives. For example- Self-respect, Knowledge, Poverty, Capitalism, etc.

 Steps to Write a Definition Essay

Choosing The Right Word

A simple word which refers to a solid term is not an ideal world for you to begin your essay, as it can restrict your thinking to an extent while you write.

Always remember to choose a complicated word which has a deep philosophical and democratic meaning.

Avoid choosing a noun which addresses a certain person, place or object. These are too simple and straightforward words, and you will only be able to extend your essay to a limit.

The student has to focus on choosing a complex word which has several definitions differently available in different perspectives. It must not be contented with one single definition.

While writing the essay, you must be careful that the explanation which you are giving is not similar to someone else’s explanation. The best idea is to write the essay entirely from your own perspective.

Study the word you find thoroughly from the dictionary and other sources.

Components Inside a Definition

Divide the word into several parts, and discuss each part in different paragraphs.

Study about the origin of the word if necessary

Break down the word into separate definitions from your own personal perspective

Make use of uncommon words and unknown phrases which almost have the same meaning as your chosen word, and then format an argument discussion about its similarities and differences.

Use examples to present it with more clarity to the readers.

Essay Format

Knowing the basic structure rule, you can crack any essay assignment.


  • In the first opening paragraph of your essay, you have to mention the word on which you are going to discuss throughout the essay.
  • You should also include an introductory definition of the word, which you are going to explain further.
  • Write the thesis statement in your own words.


  • Discuss all the information which you have researched in this section
  • Do not include separately defined statements in one paragraph
  • Use separate paragraphs to discuss the words from each perspective.


  • Briefly summarize all the main points that you have discussed throughout the essay.
  • If the word which you are writing about is associated with any sort of past experiences, then be sure to reflect on your personal experience along with the traditional definition in your thesis statement.

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