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When there is one whole essay assignment ahead, it is very common for students either start working on it early or reschedule the assignment for another day. Can you tell which one is wrong? Procrastination is the wrong choice, but all your effort and time might not make any difference if you do not know the right way to formulate an essay. Scoring an A+ grade in your essay is not so complicated; you only need to focus on the three terms “introduction body, conclusion”.

How to Write an “Introduction Body Conclusion”?

The same process applies to both tasks, whether you are preparing a 1000-word essay or public speaking script.

  • A concise introduction to logic– The opening paragraph has to be appealing. Write a concise opening and mention the main point in the thesis. The introduction is the first paragraph the readers will see, so it must be very catchy.
  • Essay body paragraph– Readers will find a detailed description of the main point in the essay body paragraph. Use separate paragraphs to explain each point. Include a topic sentence at the beginning of each essay body paragraph if there is more than one main point.
  • Good conclusion– A good conclusion is necessary. It leaves a final impression on the readers and provides them with a recap of what they just learned from your essay.

A Concise Introduction to Logic

An appealing introduction can attract the reader. This is the first impression of the reader when he reads your article. Therefore, a concise introduction to logic will guide the reader.

  • Pay great attention and write your first sentence very minutely. Students sometimes need to realize what they are arguing about, so they often write misleading introductions. Therefore, it is important to always proofread before submission. Expert tip: Write a quick introduction, and then work on detailing it after finishing your essay.
  • Keep your introduction open with a thesis statement; a thesis contains the main points of your essay, which may not appear eye-catching to the readers. Therefore, include the thesis at the bottom of the intro.
  • Interactively provide the background information to catch the reader’s attention.
  • Mention the purpose of the essay, which is already mentioned in the topic.
  • The thesis statement is 1-2 sentences long, but you may need to prolong it depending on the points and arguments you will cover in the essay.

Essay Body Paragraph

  • The language should be the same as in the intro. In the body paragraphs, you need to explain a specific point you mentioned in the thesis, and several sub-points may appear. Therefore, you should use each essay’s body paragraph to elaborate on one point at a time.
  • As you move to the next paragraph, you need to use proper transitions in the topic sentence to ensure that all paragraphs are relevantly linked.

A Good Conclusion

A good conclusion paragraph helps readers understand how meaningful your analysis or argument is to them.

  • You can use the closing paragraph to leave your final opinion on the subject.
  • A good conclusion will contain a recap of your thesis statement and a summary of the main points you have covered in your paper.
  • Refrain from introducing or explaining a new point.

Once you step into the university, your paper will score based on the quality. Therefore, university level essays require professional quality. Our professional essay writers might be the best option to write “Introduction body conclusion” of your essay.

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