Homework Habits: A Roadmap to Academic Success

Nobody can dispute that most students experience a range of emotions at the start of each new school year. On the one hand, we would be overjoyed and eager to reconnect with our peers and friends after a protracted summer holiday. On the other side, we would live in perpetual anxiety and panic about the mountains of assignments that are on their way. The worry of missing the cut-off grades required to compete on the next level after passing the course keeps us concerned about the quality of assignment writing and on-time submissions.

Students who want an ‘A’ should strictly adhere to these homework habits

1. Get Your Homework Started at a Fixed Time

If you have a procrastination problem, breaking this behaviour can help you establish a regular homework habits routine. If you maintain a schedule, your mind and body will always find it easy to get used to this habit. By mentally preparing for this assignment in advance, one can avoid the anxiety and paranoia typically connected with homework. If your timetable has sporadic lapses, do not be concerned. They would never permanently sabotage the homework schedule. Just resume your previous routine once the lapse’s source has been eliminated.

2. Set up the Study Den

Your den should be a quiet space where you can concentrate. Maintaining our study area decorated naturally gives us the freedom to develop more enjoyable homework habits. Be bold and hang posters of your favorite fictional characters, musicians, or actors to give the impression that the area is lively rather than boring. Making your study environment requires stocking it with all the necessities. To arrange the tasks for the day according to importance, it is imperative to keep the planner updated each day. Additionally, stock up on any books and stationery that you think would be useful. Avoid needless distractions by keeping the study room clear of electronics like TVs and smartphones. We typically complete the schoolwork considerably more quickly when we are not sidetracked and pick up the pace. Then, we can always binge-watch all the episodes of our favorite shows online.

3. Compete with Oneself to Set Goals Every Day

Everyone agrees that self-competition is the best type of competition. We genuinely train ourselves to get better in every subject, especially the ones we are weak in, when we push ourselves every day to improve in each area. There is no harm in setting a timer to see if we can do a task in the allotted amount of time. If we succeed, it boosts our confidence even further. If you cannot cross the queue, do not worry about it. Accept it positively and go on to the subsequent assignment.

4. Make Homework Enjoyable

You may always start by playing some relaxing music in the background to reduce stress without impairing your ability to focus and do the schoolwork on time. Additionally, taking a 5-minute break to do Sudoku is a good idea. Playing crosswords while doing your English homework will help you improve your vocabulary and study skills.

Always challenge yourself, and don’t be afraid to treat yourself when you finish the day’s activities. A chocolate bar, burger or watching your favourite movie after dinner are all acceptable rewards. But always have faith that your homework habits are improving, and you should be rewarded for it.

5. Never Sacrifice Your Health

It makes no difference how much homework we have. Trying to accomplish the same while putting our health last will be more detrimental than beneficial. It’s just because a tired body or mind would only add incorrect information to our notepad. We would need more time to learn the topics in the new chapters since we would be too tired to concentrate. We frequently find ourselves slouching in our chairs while the teacher preaches, our eyes half open and our minds blank. It is strongly advised to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night and eat a balanced diet.

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