How to Improve Vocabulary?

In our daily lives, we need to communicate with others. A good vocabulary helps you to express yourself when you are communicating with someone or giving a presentation at school. Now the question is,”How to improve vocabulary?”. Apart from academic life, it also proves to be highly an essential skill to equip in professional life. Once you have a strong vocabulary, you will always be surrounded by various groups of words which you can use instantly. This not only helps to speak up but also helps to write down a professional email or a 500-word essay assignment faster. Therefore, if you are wondering how to improve your vocabulary, read till the end of this article.

How to Improve Vocabulary in 5 Simple Steps?

Once you learn more English words to improve vocabulary, it expands your vocabulary. It is important to build your vocabulary as it will automatically improve your writing and speaking skills. After going through this section, you will already be making some progress in your vocabulary.

Try to Associate Words

You need to practice word association as you learn more words by making a sequence with the word. For example, if you have found a word which means very heavy, try to find another word for less heavy, medium, light, and very light.

Vocabulary Test

You would only be able to track or understand your progress if you put yourself under some tests. Therefore, schedule a self-test every alternate day, once a week, or an alternate week. Leave some gap in time between each attempt if you want to see some improvements. Depending on the results of the tests, you should focus on preparation. It is almost like when you are trying to lose weight and need to check weight using a machine once a week to check your progress.


Once you begin to progress within a week or two, you should start listing down all the new words you have learned to use better words in your vocabulary. These are normally those which easily come out during a formal conversation or writing a formal email.


Are you looking on how to improve vocabulary? Almost everyone spends about 1 hour a day reading. Hereby, if you consistently practice reading various literary works of different authors, you will be able to learn more English words to improve vocabulary in a short period. You learn more words while reading a journal and it will help you use better words while writing and speaking. Therefore, add more newspapers, journals and online articles to your daily reading habit if you want to build your vocabulary in a short time.

Word Games

At last, to add a little fun to your journey, we have added word games. You can invest your free time in playing scrabble and boggle to learn new words and improve your vocabulary in no time. Once you enjoy learning, time will appear short, and you will be able to learn and achieve your goal without realizing it.

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