How to keep a balance between friends and studies?

Most Children remain under the supervision of their parents till their initial years of teenage. However, some parents like to rule over their kids till the initial days of high school. With time, supervision comes loose, and parents become less strict with their kids as they gradually reach adolescence. At this stage, adolescents have more freedom to make decisions and plan on spending time. In this phase of life, they tend to waste their time with wrong decisions due to inexperience. In an article, Kenneth A. Frank clearly stated that students lose track of academic performance while they are more engaged in enjoying student life. Therefore, friends are the main source which can cause lower grades. Spending time communicating with your friends is important; it helps in social and is one of the 5 areas of personal development. However, it would help if you learned how to keep a balance between friends and studies.

Tips to Maintain a Balance Between Studies and Friends

Once you reach a certain age, you need to be smarter while making calls and decisions and of your likes and dislikes when spending most of your time. However, suppose you are facing consistent academic failure or any passion you are pursuing. In that case, it makes it highly crucial to know the tips to balance your studies and friends.

Positive Friends Circle: Surround yourself with people who share relevant traits and habits necessary for you to build and can assist you in reaching your aim. If you fall into the wrong circle, it will rather complicate your life and eventually, your balance in life will break.

Make and Follow a Fixed Time-table: You can choose to decide if you make a fixed timetable for your studies and strictly follow it. The decision can have several advantages and solve most of your academic challenges. It may take time to adapt to this change. However, it will turn into a normal regular schedule for you after a month if you keep it up. Then, it will not only be easier for you to manage your time, but it will also bring a huge difference in academic performance.

Prioritize Your Studies: Are you worried about losing friends? It would help to prioritize your studies when there is an upcoming exam because your friends are doing the same. If you have friends who insist on hanging out, read tip number one again. Your friends may not have the same goals as you. Therefore, you must maintain your goal for them and stick to your aim.

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