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London is the destination of 4 of the 45 largest universities worldwide. The city holds the true essence of culture and with hundreds of museums, art galleries, and live music performances every day, ranking it to the 1st rank of your priority list if you want a London student life. Moreover, there are more than 100,000 students currently studying in the city. The city provides the best faculty to the students and its beautiful exposure to nature.

All About Universities

This section will look into the top four universities and highlight student living in London tips in detail. You can choose any course of your interest because the city gives you the same privileges and university life in London, even if you are an international student, in terms of education.

King’s College London

The King’s College London ranks in the top 10 universities of the UK as per QS world ranking 2020. The college is one of the preferable choices for international studies and is located in the middle of the city. Here, you can choose from almost 180 undergraduate courses and also pursue your master’s degree or a research degree. The college has several campuses, most of which are in front of tourist attractions. It has a total of 4 campuses, one near the London Eye, one near the River Thames, one near Big Ben, and the other one is located in South London.

University of London

Are you searching for working student living in London tips? The University of London offers distance learning and a flexible study timetable for working students so they can still attend their classes.


The London School of Economics offers the best university life in London, which is ideal for students who want to pursue social studies. Moreover, the university focuses on imparting various other skills to the students and organizes several extracurricular activities.

University College London

UCL is the most preferred university in London. The university is a multidisciplinary institute that offers students options to choose from various subjects to study. The university is also located in central London near the British Library.

Nightlife and Weekends

Life of a student in London is more exciting if you crave for fun at night and weekends. There are limitless spots where you can hit on the weekends and see London from a tourist’s perspective, such as the evening view from Waterloo Bridge, River Thames etc. As a university student, you can find clubs representing a specific culture in every area.

Try out the Foods

Life of a student in London is incomplete without the food culture. Moreover, there are shepherd’s pie, bread and butter pudding, Bubble and Squeak, and many other delightful recipes from different culture, you can enjoy during your London student life.

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