University Life in London: Truths About Living in London Revealed

London city is situated in the hearts of students in the UK. Due to its numerous faculties and many opportunities, it offers to help aspirants shine, making their university life in London the best. Life of a student in London has diverse privileges to offer for international students as well. For instance- exploring different communities; student accommodations; exploring tourist places; studying in top universities; visiting historical and art galleries; and trying out all your wishes, whether riding a horse to your college or appearing at a friend’s night out in pyjamas. You will not be criticized, and no one will pass comments on you as everyone lives their own carefree life happily.

University Life in London: Everything You need to Know

London is the biggest city in the UK which has a lot to offer for the students living in London and the international students who decide to pack a bag to travel to this city in the UK. This article will give you an ideal picture of life of a student in London. This will be helpful for international students to cope with expenses and also for native students to spend the most enjoying academic years.

Student Living in London Cost

This section will show how much does a student living in London cost.

Study Expenses

Depending on your major and course, the cost of pursuing education in London ranges between 17 lacs to 40 lacs.

Living Cost

Before you move to this city, you must go through the London student life tips to prepare a budget which can help you lead a decent university life in London.

It would be best if you prefer university halls of residence because these are the cheapest option, and you will get to know your batchmates more and have the most fun years.

  1.   Basic room- £130 – £21
  2. En-suite room- £130 – £260
  3.    Studio Unit- £140 – £340

Food Cost

Undoubtedly, food is expensive in London, especially for international students. Therefore it is best to buy groceries and prepare your meal to save extra at the end of the month.

Travelling Cost

Student living in London cost can be bit too much to bear, but you will eventually learn to manage your expenses as you move forward towards the end of students living in London tips. The bus or tram can cost around £114 (Approx INR 10,000). Therefore you can apply for an 18+ student oyster card and pay 30% less fare each time you travel by bus or tram.

Part-time Jobs

Many students need to bear the expenses of their university life in London, and the statement may apply especially to international students. Therefore, in this section, you will learn various job roles you can apply for where you can work and study simultaneously.

  • Cashier- 7 to 10 pounds/hr
  • Delivery- 4 to 7 pounds/hr
  • Waiter/waitress- 8- 16 pounds/hr
  • Assistance retailer- You can apply for this job. You need to help the owner with all the chores which are there in a retail shop. You can earn around 6 to 9 pounds per hour.
  •  Library Assistant- 9 to 12 pounds/hr
  • Clerk- 10 to 14 pounds/hr

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