Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics: 30+ Rhetorical Analysis Topics

Students need to take a lot of preparation and collect sufficient data before they can start writing their rhetorical analysis essays for assignments. Reading this article will save you precious hours, and you can proceed immediately to the first page of your assignment paper. Once you have saved a lot of time which was going to be just by finding what rhetorical analysis means, you can now choose from the rhetorical analysis essay topics which are suitable for you.

Best Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics 2023

The first question that comes to mind when we receive an essay assignment is, “Where do I start?”. It is important to plan the activity step-by-step; it will look easier! Most students get a fever when they hear about assignments because “What is next?” is unclear to them. Thus, choosing a rhetorical analysis essay title is the best idea to start with. However, if your instructor has already provided the topic, you can either learn to write a rhetorical analysis or hire a professional writer.

Unique and Simple Essay Topics to Write

  1. The Last Speech of Martin Luther King Jr
  2. Importance of symbolism in Novels
  3. Mysterious Smile of Mona Lisa
  4. Analyze your favorite blog and select it as an rhetorical analysis essay title.
  5. Sinners in the Hand of Angry God
  6. The language tone of Shakespeare used in the play of Romeo and Juliet.
  7. The effect of formal and informal tone on a speech.
  8. What are the effects “image stabilization” has on video quality?
  9. Majorly used rhetorical devices
  10. The life of monkeys in a zoo.
  11. How to point out the rhetorical richness of a speech?

Excellent Rhetorical Analysis Topics for College

Below essay topic suggestions mainly focuses on the pattern of college level essay assignments.

  1. The Hunger Games vs The Lottery
  2. Explain how blogs and other online literary contents use rhetoric devices.
  3. How important is it to reflect the theme of hope in Literature?
  4. Novelist Jane Austen and the literary devices she used.
  5. Observation of the rhetorical strategies from one of your favourite novels.
  6. “Where do the Red fern grow?” by Wilson Rawls
  7. Animal Farm
  8. Rhetorical analysis based on the principal’s speech on the farewell day.

Essay Topic Suggestions about Speeches

Below essay topics to write an rhetorical essay mainly focuses on speeches.

  1. Alexander the Great Speech
  2. Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own”
  3. Saving Private Ryan “The Father from Home I Feel”
  4. Queen Elizabeth’s intentions in Spanish Armada Speech, 1588.
  5. Critically evaluate Jack Ma’s motivational speech.
  6. Opinion of President Biden in his speech on transgender.
  7. Analyze George Washington’s resignation speech.
  8. MLK’s “The Other America” speech

Rhetorical Analysis Topics on Movies

  1. Analyze King Kong
  2. Analyze Anaconda
  3. Desire The Streetcar
  4. Romeo and Juliet’s play analysis
  5. Toy Story

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